You can become a member of the Graduate Centre if you are...

  • a doctoral student at the University of Passau and a member of the university
  • a habilitation candidate and a member of the university
  • a postgraduate and a member of the University of Passau intending to habilitate and can provide a letter confirming supervision by your professor
  • a junior professor at the university

Graduates can stay members of the Graduate Centre up to 24 months after their graduation on condition that they are still members of the university.

Events offered by the Graduate Centre are free of charge for members.


Registrations must be made online via our online form. (Please note that the form can only be submitted in German, but you can use the English translation to better understand the data required.) 

Doctoral students and habilitation candidates need to provide a confirmation for their admission to their doctoral studies or to their “Habilitation”.

Postgraduates intending to habilitate need to provide a letter confirming supervision by a professor.

Campus network usernames

The Graduate Centre also coordinates the allocation of Campus network usernames for external (post-) doctoral students (in German only), which you will need to benefit from the university’s IT service.


If you decide to no longer pursue your doctoral studies at the University of Passau, we kindly ask you to deregister. This can be done through an informal Email.




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