Postdoctoral research and habilitation

Postdoctoral research and habilitation

Postdoctoral studies ('habilitation')

All faculties provide the possibility to conduct postdoctoral studies, the objective of which is to determine the candidates' ability to teach an academic discipline at professorial level.

For details, see the habilitation regulations (German).

Please also note the regulations on the Fachmentorat (a committee of professors with a supervisory function for your postdoctoral studies). When applying for a scholarship or any sort of grant the donors might request a reference from the Fachmentorat.

Do not hesitate to consult the Dean's office if you have further questions concerning the relevant habilitation regulations.

Rules of good academic conduct

The basis of any academic work at the University of Passau are the acknowledged principles of scientificity, such as honesty, adherence to the rules of the relevant academic discipline, documentation of the results and testing of all outcomes with a sceptical mindset.

As an organisation with a statutory responsibility for the organisation of research, teaching and the promotion of early career researchers, the University of Passau has adopted a statute to safeguard good academic practice and outlining a process for dealing with academic misconduct (German).

Enquiries concerning good academic practice or reports of suspicion of academic misconduct should be addressed to the standing committee for the investigation of allegations of academic misconduct.

An amendment and update to the DFG recommendations for safeguarding good scientific practice was approved by the DFG's General Assembly on 3 July 2013. Please consult the German Research Foundation website for further information.

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