Travel grants

Travel grants

Active engagement with other academics is crucial for early career researchers – and often that involves travel to far-away places. Below you will find information on how to request funding for travel expenses and research-related travels. It is important to differentiate between the purpose and the duration of the trip or research stay:

  • Events to which you actively contribute (e.g. by giving a lecture, presenting an infographic etc.)
  • Attending conferences (passively) or courses on research methodology
  • Field trips, on-site archival research and longer-term research sojourns
  • Lecturer and staff mobility exchange

The Graduate Centre's travel grant

On this page you will find information on the travel allowances granted by the University of Passau:

Eligibility criteria

The following criteria must be met for your application for reimbursement of travel expenses by the Graduate Centre to be successful:

  1. You are an early career researcher of the University of Passau
  2. The conference you intend to travel to is organised by a recognised academic institution
  3. You will be making an active contribution to the event (e.g. lecture, poster presentation etc.)
  4. You submit your application before you start travelling

Application process prior to departure

The application must be submitted before you start your research-related trip. You should provide the following documents (please note that all forms and documents linked to are in German, unless indicated otherwise):

Please note that you have to submit an application for research-related travel at Division VIII - Human Ressources if you are employed at the University of Passau.

The following German-language documents provide further information on guidelines for research-related travel, per-diem allowances and other rules on business-related travel:

Richtlinien der Universität über die Gewährung von Reisekostenzuschüssen (guidelines and information on how to apply for a travel grant)

Merkblatt zu Dienst- und Fortbildungsreisen (general information on the University's rules on business travel)

Auslandstage- und Auslandsübernachtungsgelder (country-by-country overview of per-diem allowances and maximum reimbursements for overnight expenses)

As a rule, remember to always retain all receipts, tickets etc., as there is no reimbursement without proof!


Your application must be submitted before departure. That does not mean, however, that the application must be approved before the journey, but that it must have reached the Graduate Centre including all required documents by the date of departure. Billings must be submitted to the Human Resources Division within six months of the event.

Allowance amount

As a rule the Graduate Centre reimburses up to two-thirds of your travel expenses. Please note the following points:

  1. The travel allowance cannot be supplemented by resources from the chair/professorship. If research-related travels are supported by any kind of travel allowance, at least one-third of the expenses must be covered privately
  2. The remaining third of the expenses can only be financed by third-party funds which have been specifically earmarked for this purpose (e.g. funds from the DAAD programmes). Please note: privately-paid expenses may be tax-deductible
  3. Funds received from the University's Women's Representative cannot be combined with a travel grant from the Graduate Centre

Please contact the Graduate Centre if you have any questions on co-finance.

Billing process after your return

Please send your application for reimbursement of the travel expenses (see below) no later than six months after the event directly to Department VIII/4 of the Human Resources Division, Administration building 3rd floor, Innstr. 41, 94032 Passau. The application should include the following:

  • the completed and signed application form for reimbursement of travel expenses
  • receipts for all expenses you intend to bill (that includes boarding passes for flights and stamped tickets for train rides)
  • the grant approval by the Graduate Centre
  • an attendance certificate or equivalent evidence from the host institution that proves that you actively took part in the event (i.e. that you gave a lecture or presented a poster)
  • if you have extended your research-related trip for private reasons: evidence that doing so did not incur any additional costs for the University

Other sources of funding

Attending conferences (passively) or courses on research methodology

The University of Passau supports female ECRs who:

  • attend a conference focussing on gender issues/gender equality (the reference to the gender topic must be apparent from the title of the conference)
  • attend courses on methodology that are indispensable for their scholarly development and not offered at the University of Passau

The application must be sent to the Women's Office, which manages these funds.

Lecturer and staff mobility

Under the ERASMUS lecturer and staff mobility programme, University staff may go to other European countries as visiting professors or for the purpose of undergoing further training and development; the programme allows for exchanges from two days to two months in duration.

For further information, contact the International Office.

Field trips etc. external donors

The following external institutions provide funding to ECRs of either gender for longer travels to archives, stays abroad and research trips (some are only available in German):

The State of Bavaria supports research stays abroad with the following programmes (some are only available in German):

The International Office provides support for your applications to DAAD, BaCaTec, Bayhost and BayInd. The Research Services Division assists you with applications to DFG, Fritz Thyssen Foundation and BayIntAn.


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