Travel expenses

Travel expenses

Active engagement with other academics is crucial for early career researchers – and often that involves travel to far-away places. Below you will find information on how to request funding for travel expenses and research-related travels. It is important to differentiate between the purpose and the duration of the trip or research stay:

In addition, you may find grant donors willing to contribute to your travel expenses in our selection of databases for funding opportunities.

Events to which you actively contribute

The University of Passau provides travel grants to doctoral and habilitation candidates of the University who actively contribute to a scholarly event in Germany or abroad, e.g. by delivering a lecture or giving a presentation, presenting a poster etc. You should send your application for a travel grant to the Graduate Centre

Graduate research or teaching assistants and assistant professors are additionally advised to contact their Dean's office for a travel subsidy.

Furthermore, female graduate research or teaching assistants and assistant professors may apply for travel grants at the Women's Office of the University of Passau.

The following external institutions help pay for ECRs' travel expenses to events on condition that you are an active contributor to the event:

Attending conferences (passively) or courses on research methodology

The University of Passau supports female ECRs who:

  • attend a conference focussing on gender issues/gender equality (the reference to the gender topic must be apparent from the title of the conference)
  • attend courses on methodology that are indispensable for their scholarly development and not offered at the University of Passau

The application must be sent to the Women's Office, which manages these funds.

The following two external institutions fund ECRs' travels for passive conference attendance – these are open to male and female ECRs (both websites are only available in German):

  • FAZIT Stiftung: travel funding in the doctoral or habilitation phase when there is financial hardship that would otherwise make the journey impossible
  • Herbert und Elsbeth Weichmann Stiftung: subsidies for the attendance of academic events focussing on the work of the opposition in exile against Hitler's totalitarian rule as well as the consequences of this work for postwar Germany

Field trips, on-site archival research and longer-term research sojourns

The University of Passau supports female ECRs by:

  • granting mobility allowances for research trips of 4 weeks to 3 months in duration, if there is no other subsidy available
  • funding projects for (female) postdoctoral researchers for longer stays abroad, field trips or on-site archival research

The application must be sent to the Women's Office, which manages these funds.

The following external institutions provide funding to ECRs of either gender for longer travels to archives, stays abroad and research trips (some are only available in German):

The State of Bavaria supports research stays abroad with the following programmes (some are only available in German):

The International Office provides support for your applications to DAAD, BaCaTec, Bayhost and BayInd. The Research Services Division assists you with applications to DFG, Fritz Thyssen Foundation and BayIntAn.

Lecturer and staff mobility

Under the ERASMUS lecturer and staff mobility programme, University staff may go to other European countries as visiting professors or for the purpose of undergoing further training and development; the programme allows for exchanges from two days to two months in duration.

For further information, contact the International Office.

Databases of foundations, scholarships and funding programmes

The following selection of portals and databases may help you to find suitable funding and scholarship programmes (some are only available in German):