Publication grants

Publication grants

This page provides information on funding opportunities for your publication.

The University's Publication Grant

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible for a publication grant from the University, if:

  • you have been or were employed/enrolled at the University of Passau for most of the time while you were writing your thesis
  • your thesis is either a postdoctoral 'habilitation' thesis ('Habilitationsschrift') or a doctoral thesis ('Dissertation') which has received the best possible mark/grade ('summa cum laude')

How to apply

  • You can submit you application (application form [German]) until three months after the publisher's invoice date
  • Nevertheless, you will only receive the grant after your thesis has been printed and once you submit the remaining supporting documents (usually the publisher's invoice and documents showing that you meet the above eligibility criteria)
  • The published thesis has to include the following statement: 'Veröffentlicht mit finanzieller Unterstützung der Universität Passau' or, if written in English, 'Published with financial support from the University of Passau'.

Grant amount

The grant covers publication expenses not financed through another grant  up to a limit of 1,500 euros. The University grant is to be subordinated to possible grants from other donors.

Other sources of funding

The division Research Services and the Graduate Centre have complied a list of further publication grants (German only).


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