Funding programmes and scholarships

Funding programmes and scholarships

The Graduate Centre works hand-in-hand with the Research Services Division, the International Office and Student Services Division, the Women's Office and the Transfer Centre to provide you with information on funding opportunities which you, as an early career researcher, can apply for directly. These encompass:

On our pages you will also find a selection of searchable databases for funding programmes.

Scholarships and fellowships

Most funding for which doctoral students can apply directly takes the form of scholarships or fellowships. Some donors grant scholarships to postdoctoral researchers (e.g. habilitation candidates) instead of outright appointments. Why not start your search with an overview of scholarship/fellowship programmes?

Project appointments

Numerous German and European research programmes make it possible for postdoctoral academics to finance their own research and development projects with external funds. The website of the Graduate Centre offers an initial overview. More details can be obtained from the Research Services Division.

Funding for travel and stays abroad

The Graduate Centre offers doctoral and postdoctoral candidates travel grants for the attendance of academic events. Outside of project funding, only a limited number of institutions provide travel grants for early career researchers.

Publication support

The University of Passau subsidises the publication of excellent theses by way of publication grants, which are administered by the Graduate Centre.

Moreover, the University Library supports staff and students of the University with a publication fund, which pays for the article fees charged by open access journals.

Other institutions tend to support the publication of doctoral or habilitation theses only in exceptional cases and only for particularly outstanding works.

Overview of funding opportunities for thesis publication

Funding for events

The University of Passau supports high-calibre academic events that strengthen the national and international academic profile of the University, enhance its visibleness within the scientific community and provide clear academic added value. To be eligible for this support, your event must be organised by the University of Passau (i.e. the University must have overall organisational, financial and academic responsibility for the event) or at least play a crucial and clearly visible academic role. For further information please consult the Veranstaltungspool pages (in German).

The following external instiutions provide funding for academic events:

  • German Research Foundation (DFG): fixed sums for the conduct of international events as well as grants for travel and acommodation expenses for those actively participating in such an event.
  • Herbert und Elsbeth Weichmann Stiftung: grants for covering the costs of conferences, colloquia or discussion forums focussing on the work of the opposition in exile against Hitler's totalitarian rule as well as the consequences of this work for postwar Germany.

If you wish to organise an event to be held at the University of Passau, be sure to involve the Event Management Section early on at the planning stage.

Databases of foundations, scholarships and funding programmes

The following selection of portals and databases may help you to find suitable funding and scholarship programmes (some are only available in German):

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