About us

About us

The University’s Graduate Centre was established on 1 August 2008 as a central facility assigned directly to the University Directorate. It is the first point of contact for all organisational and interdisciplinary questions concerning your doctoral and postdoctoral studies.

As a central unit open to researchers of all disciplines and faculties, the Graduate Centre caters to the specific needs of early career researchers, administering doctoral programmes (postgraduate schools and research training groups), as well as individually supervised doctoral and postdoctoral thesis projects.

What we do

Aims of the Graduate Centre

  • Fostering a culture of cooperation and interdisciplinary thinking in doctoral research and study at the University of Passau.
  • Establishing an inter-faculty framework for networks to promote exchange and qualification.
  • Creating a stimulating research environment for doctoral candidates and early career researchers.

The Graduate Centre has been a member of the German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training since 2010.